Home Management

Home Management

Learning objectives: After reading this Information Sheet, You must be able to identify and understand how to manage a home.


Difference between a Home and a House:

Home – is a social unit formed by a family living together.

-  a place that is filled with love, harmony and peace.


House – is generally a shelter, building or structure that is a dwelling or place for habitation by human beings.

- protects the family from the heat of the sun and adverse weather.


Definition of Home Management

  1. Taking care of the home.
  2. Is a systematic way of managing the house that includes Planning, Organizing, Implementing, Controlling and Evaluating.



- setting of goals and objectives

- plan the work to be done from time to time or ahead of time.


Things to consider in planning:

  1. Time
  2. Materials needed or resources
  3. Availability of resources and money involved
  4. Energy


It must be SMART

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable

R – realistic

T – time bound



- sorting out activities into priorities

- arrange things systematically



- putting into action what you have planned and organized



- scheduling of activities to be done

- doing things one at a time



House Cleaning Tips.

Sometimes housekeeping and home cleaning can seem to get on top of you. The secret to successful housekeeping cleaning is to do small things regularly, rather than let things pile up until the prospect of having to clean everywhere is not a happy one. As you have neither the time nor the inclination.

Getting a housekeeping cleaning schedule is the key to maintaining a good home cleaning routine. Here is my suggested housekeeping cleaning schedule.


Daily Tasks

A little everyday helps:

  1. Make up and tidy the beds
  2. Pick up and tidy away clutter
  3. Gather up dirty clothes and put in laundry basket
  4. Rinse out the bath and sinks
  5. Wipe down bath and/or squeegee the tiles around the shower
  6. Wash up the dishes
  7. Wipe down the kitchen sink, and rinse out the plug-hole
  8. Empty the kitchen bib
  9. Kitchen tops should be kept clean and tidy, wiping down as you go
  10. Make sure any spills on the oven and hob are wiped up before they congeal
  11. Keep the kitchen floor swept and clean


Weekly Tasks

  1. Bed clothes will need changing, more often in hot climates
  2. Replenish the towels
  3. All the carpets will need vacuuming
  4. Mop and Clean all the hard-floor surfaces such as the kitchen and bathroom
  5. Dust all the surfaces, and lift up and dust beneath the objects.
  6. Wipe and clean the light switches
  7. Thoroughly clean the bathroom and kitchen (don't forget the oven door and fridge etc).
  8. Iron the laundry


Monthly tasks

  1. Wipe the computers (especially keyboards) and phones
  2. Empty and clean out the fridge
  3. Give the oven and grill a thorough clean
  4. Make sure ceilings are dusted
  5. Tackle the window cleaning doing the inside and outside of the windows
  6. Turn the mattress on your bed
  7. Mirrors will need polishing
  8. De-clutter the draws
  9. Move the furniture to vacuum under where you might miss on your weekly task
  10. Wooden furniture will need dusting and polishing


Annual Tasks

With a deep clean, or spring clean there are some big tasks that need tackling

  1. Vacuum underneath any rugs
  2. Clean and dust ceilings
  3. Empty the guttering
  4. File and sort out your household paperwork
  5. Wipe the walls
  6. Tidy up and dust your books and CDs
  7. Shampoo carpets (this could be done professionally)
  8. Consider taking curtains and duvets to dry cleaners
  9. Finally, do not forget the shed, garage, summer house, and all those storage places where clutter can build up.
  10. Having a Housekeeping cleaning schedule will make keeping your home clean and tidy and something to be proud of.



- checking if objectives or goals are met or achieved


  1. Is also the management and maintenance of the house which covers all domestic tasks such as:
  2. Upkeep of order and cleanliness in all areas in the house within and outside.
  3. Installation and replenishment of house amenities.

- amenities are things that can be transferred from one place to another.

  1. Preparation and serving of food.
  2. Personal care
  3. Washing clothes and dishes, ironing, grocery and shopping.


Home Maker

- a person who manages the home and fulfills household tasks.

Services rendered:

  1. Homecare service

- domestic tasks or household chores.

  1. Healthcare service

- this covers the health of the family.


Roles of a Caregiver in the home:

  1. Teacher

- giving instructions to your client

  1. Counselor
  2. Friend
  3. Administrator
  4. Family substitute
  5. Family advocate
  6. Role model

- be a good example to your client


Functions of a Caregiver in the home:

  1. To make the house safe to live in.
  2. To make the home comfortable and convenient.
  3. To make the home healthy.


How to become an effective and efficient Caregiver:

  1. Plan and schedule your time given by your employer.
  2. Try to satisfy your employer to adjust the way of life and standard.
  3. Have an open communication with your employer of any development or problems that may occur or come out regarding housekeeping.
  4. Learn to develop your own technique and methodology of doing household chores.

- conserve time, energy and effort.

  1. Try to adjust to the new environment and culture that exist in that particular place.

Client : Home Management

Date : 15 Aug 2023

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